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Almond Blossom

If you're anything like me you will benefit A LOT from Jill's coaching. Her natural presence and gentle and insightful guidance have been just the thing to provide the impetus and tools to go within as well as just enough of a mirror and memory to keep my visions and their implementation deeply relevant, sustained, and moving forward boldly in my life. I really can't thank her enough!

Joseph Price

Coaching with Jill has been amazing! I look forward to our sessions each time, as she has supported my personal growth through anxiety, self-care, and mindful practices. Jill created a safe space to hear my goals, shared information when needed, and guided embodiment practices, with this I became more in tune with myself. I am so happy to have met and collaborated with her.


I'm grateful to Jillian for helping my soul to become 'freer'.  During our time together, she helped me discover how the negative self evaluation feelings I've been 'owning' with justification (both consciously and unconsciously) for most of my life have really prevented me from being happy with myself and my circumstances.  For so long I've placed myself in a position of failure due to my own self-placed restrictions like 'not being good enough to love' or 'don't'll fail anyway'.

She showed me through her reflections of my personal journey in life that it's safe to just 'be', without placing false expectations in front of myself that blocks true Joy.

Before we completed our session, she had my deepest and most inner soul in a condition of simply being able to breathe without the ever so familiar negative expectations of myself attached.  It was truly a beautiful (and peaceful) experience.

In being shown how to live more in Gratitude than the ever so familiar pattern of self- annihilation, I am now much more comfortable dealing with most people and situations (along with myself) on a basis of zero expectations - both of them and of me.  I simply can 'be'.


I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I signed up for a coaching session from Jillian Heron. I have never done anything like this before. Last year I lost a significant amount of weight. At the time I spoke to Jillian I plateaued, was mentally blocked, and discouraged. She helped me unravel things that were keeping me stuck in such a beautiful, calm, organic way. I am so grateful that she held space for me and asked me pointed questions that brought out awareness that I didn't know I have. I am now four pounds away from goal weight (80 pounds down). I am so grateful to have a gifted coach in my corner. Thanks Jillian Heron.


Jill's mind, body, and soul life coaching sessions have opened my eyes into the connection of how our bodies truly harness ailments of our emotions and struggles. I was amazed to dive into a deep connection within myself and felt an overflow of release once talking through subjects that I didn't realize were buried. I will be forever grateful to carry forward with the lessons I've learned and look forward to working with her more in the future.

A.R. Bancroft

I had the pleasure of working with Jillian Heron. Jillian’s method of teaching relaxing and breathing techniques at the beginning of a coaching session set my mind to be a better listener. The mindfulness meditation practices to calm myself and let me learn to be the teacher of how I can make changes helped me realize that I have the confidence to master new goals. Listening and discussing areas of being stuck in the past with Jillian, helped me make changes to live in the present. Jillian is a talented coach where the space held in a session allowed me to connect my heart and mind to make better decisions about self-care. I highly recommend Jillian Heron as a coach.

Patti Dalimonte

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