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Human Potential Coach - Peer Support/Harm Reductionist - Caretaker - Self Care Advocate

Since 2006 I have shifted throughout caretaking roles, learning how to caretake for myself along the way. Being of service is one way I find meaning and fulfillment in my life. One of the qualities of a good caregiver is that they give selflessly, and love to do so! But that selflessness often leads to forgetting the self along the way. For me, it took a state of overwhelm, burn out, and physical illness to realize something needed to change. I needed to learn how to re-establish healthy, sustainable relationships with those I serve, and myself. Firm loving boundaries, clear articulate communication, deep self care, and true self love have been the catalysts to my transformation out of a state of depletion and into a state of regeneration.

Each person has their story, their experience that has led them to where they are today. From witnessing the shadows of others, and experiencing the depth of my own, I have seen the light that comes on the other side. As a phoenix rises from the ashes, these struggles are necessary for the metamorphosis that WE ARE ALL capable of. I - we all - still have a lot of inner work to do, and the journey will never cease. But I believe each of us has a wealth of infinite, untapped potential, we just need a reminder of the empowerment that is already within.

  • Certified Human Potential Life Coach through Human Potential Institute

  • Founding member of Best Life Coach Collective

  • Creator of Care for Caretakers Course

  • Founder of Embodied Presence Coaching

  • Founder of Festimom

  • Background in somatic and eco-education 

  • Harm reductionist, crisis intervention, and peer support

  • Certified Reiki Level 2 Practitioner

  • Registered Yoga Teacher (200 hr)

  • B.A. Psychology

  • B.S. Human Development and Family Studies

  • Over 15 years and 8 organizations experience working with children at all ages and stages of development

    • Teacher, assistant teacher, curriculum development, 1:1 aid in school and residential home serving individuals with disabilities, in-home behavior therapist, tutor, in-home child care, event child care

In my free time...

You can find me traveling to festivals and events, dancing and listening to music, and providing harm reduction/peer support services to those in crisis, de-escalating and holding space for individuals in heightened states. I also love moving my body in authentic ways with somatic movement practices and fire flow arts. You may be wondering why I'm holding a hula hoop in the picture above? Finding flow states through object manipulation (especially when the objects are on fire) has taught me how to synchronize mind and body, find meditation through movement, and above all, PLAY! I also enjoy tending to my garden, fermenting apple cider vinegar, making shea body butter mixes, and up-cycling jewelry. When I go out, I keep my mind alive by listening to human development books and podcasts. Stay tuned, I'll be posting my favorites soon!

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